Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Slavery Day Indians!

Indian people celebrate their 61st Slavery Day (I mean, Republic Day, which is a false connotation) today. On 15th August, 1947 Indian people were freed from the slavery of one master i.e. the Britishers, and today on 26th January, 1950, they again became (and continue to be) the slaves of their new master, their own Government! Very few people realize the similarities between lives of Indian people under the British rule and their life under the rule of their own government, but, similarities are there for sure. Here is a list of these similarities:

  1. As Aamir Khan has depicted very vividly in his movie "Lagaan", Indian people were robbed by the Britishers through heavy taxation called "Laggan" under their rule. Is there any difference between that era of "Lagaan" and today's era of heavy "Income Tax" and all other, around 24 different forms of governmental taxation (see details of different forms of tax in India here)? No. Indians are still paying their "Lagaan", but, now to their new owners i.e., to their own government. Britishers use to punish those who do not pay their "Lagaan". Has this situation changed a bit? No. If you do not believe me then try not to pay your income tax and you will see the legal robbers knocking on your doors next day to rob you and put you behind the bar. This "legal robbers" is your very own Income Tax department! It is in reality a "Robbers Department"! I wish Aamir Khan make a movie where Indians are shown to resist paying "Lagaan (Income tax)" to their own government!
  2. Britishers use to "divide and rule". Has that situation changed a bit now? No. Indian politicians use the same modus operandi of "divide and rule". They have divided Indian people based on their different caste (e.g., SC, ST), religion (Hindu-Muslim divide is the starkest one) etc. And yes, the biggest divide is of two major castes. One is a "tax paying" caste and other is "tax consuming caste". Through this various divisions Indian politicians are ruling over Indian people since last 61 years.
  3. Britishers use to kill the rebel people. Has this situation also changed a bit? No. Indian government has killed (Khalistan) and is killing everyday thousands of rebel people in the areas of Assam (ULFA), Andhra/Bihar/UP/MP (Naxalites), Kashmir etc. All these movements are secession movements by different region population. They just want the Indian government off their back.
  4. Whatever problems were there under the British Raj, were still here with us. Poverty, unemployment, widespread government induced inequality, inflation, wars/riots, corruption are still rampant. Situation has changed a bit but the change is only of degree and not of kind.
  5. Common man use to be afraid of the Britishers and today they are afraid of their own government.
As you can see, in all these similarities, the only difference we can find is that, the Indian people were ruled by a foreign master in olden times and now they are ruled by the local masters! So, Happy Slavery Day Indians and I wish and hope that one day you all open your eyes to see that you all are still slaves and not free people, as you all are falsely pretending to be!

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