Saturday, August 13, 2011

Recent market collapse and coming economic disaster.....

I have not commented much on the recent market collapse all over the world, including Indian markets because there is nothing more to say about it then what I am already saying since long time, that all these so-called recovery and growth story is bogus. Economies around the world never recovered from the 2007 financial collapse. What happened actually was governments printed and pumped lot of phony paper currency after the collapse and because of that Stock market was rallying as well as due to inflation prices of commodities are going up. This phony market had to collapse one day and it happened the moment governments and their central banks stopped printing money i.e., end of QE2 and raise in interest rates e.g., RBI's 11 increases in last one year.

India, China and all other countries around the world are economic bubbles which will bust sooner or later. Whatever real growth is taking place due to hard working population of these countries is being destroyed by their government's insane Keynesian Monetarist economic policies.  As long as governments are present no real growth can take place.

Future is very uncertain and volatile. We are going to experience high inflation as well as stagnating economies with higher unemployment. This economic problems will give rise to various social tensions and violence all around the world. Civilization is only possible when we have enough food on our tables and roof on our heads. Governments are destroying these things rapidly. Civilization is in crisis and world is going to get much worse before it gets any better.

So, please keep your savings secure by buying Gold and Silver and other hard tangible goods. Avoid paper promises i.e., bank deposits, share certificates, government bonds etc. Those people who are informed and understand the reality will only survive the coming economic-social disaster. Those who are sleeping and thinking that their governments are going to take their care will be slaughtered en mass.

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