Monday, December 10, 2012

Guns: Girl's Defense Against Violent Sexual Attacks

Sexual attacks and rapes on girls are pretty common in India. Recently many such cases were reported in North India, especially in Haryana and Punjab e.g., see here, here, and here. In all these cases, the state officials i.e., the police officers, did nothing to stop the incidents or even react to the complaints made by the victims when they were harassed before the rape or sexual attack incident actually took place. In many cases, police officers even refused to file the FIR (first information report) to lower the on-paper number of rapes! In Punjab, one of the policeman's daughter was sexually attacked, and that policeman was killed by attacker political activist when he went to complain about his daughter's harassment (see this, and this). Moreover, instead of the criminals getting punished, the victim's family is living in fear of retaliation from the rapist family gang members (see here)!   

Since ages these violent aggressive attacks are taking place on girl's bodies, which is their private property, and state officials are doing nothing. They are doing nothing because they are not designed for populace's protection [sic], as is commonly thought, but they exist for the protection of state officials themselves e.g., just take a look at the horde of black cat commandos protecting lives of scumbag parasite politicians or the manner in which the judiciary system works hard to protect these politicians and their cronies in such cases.

All these events should be enough to wake-up the sleeping populace, especially girls who are frequent victims of these violent aggressions. Girls must realize, that the system is not going to protect them. They should understand, that they must take the matter of their life's security in their own hands. Unless they start protecting themselves, their life will never be safe. Girls must protect their private property i.e, their bodies. Relying on state officials for the safety of our private property is foolish because state is the biggest violator of private property rights in the history of mankind. State's existence is based on violation of private property rights i.e., tax theft! State safeguarding our private property is a contradiction in terms.

You Decide
To protect their lives against these physical aggressions, I suggest, that girls should, at least, start owning guns. Guns will be one of the biggest defense means in the hands of girls. Empirical studies conducted by Professor John Lott proves, that in a country were citizens own more guns, there are less crimes (See his well researched book, More Guns, Less Crimes). Because owning guns for the citizens is illegal - another trick of state officials to make us defenseless against their exploitation - girls should start applying en masse for gun license citing risks to their lives in this lawless country as the primary reason. This movement of applying for gun licenses en masse will also wake-up the sleeping populace, and people will start discussing the very important issue of citizens carrying guns for defense of their private property against the violent aggressions from the parasitic class of Indian society.

Owning a gun will surely not solve all of the problems which girls are facing, but, at least, they will have some solid means available in their hands for protecting their lives instead of relying on the stupid state system. Own guns, train yourself and know how to use it for your defense, and then face those evil criminals with courage.

Finally, I know there are many other issues under consideration here, but then, I am writing this piece just to make people aware about this possible alternative system of security. We need to break free of the status quo thinking, and actively start searching for other alternatives which are much better than this status quo e,g., private defense and judiciary system (for a starter see this, this and this). As long as people will not look for and understand better alternative ideas, things will never improve. Unless we take our security in our hands, the state will continue to exploit us, and our daughters, mothers, sisters etc., will continue to get raped and attacked. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Higher Taxes: Means of Societal Suicide

The New York Times recently reported, that there are few places to hide as taxes trend higher worldwide. As the parasitic welfare warfare states around the world are going broke, due to years of borrow and spend Keynesian policies, they are getting desperate to find any means of survival. And what better means than to fleece and slaughter their slave sheeple citizenry. The trend is clear world over e.g., after winning the French election, the socialist president Hollande has raised the personal income tax over income of 1 million euro to 75%, and eliminated the limits on wealth tax; US taxes are about to go up as the reelected Obama government is planning to deal with the looming so-called fiscal cliff with tax hikes; tax rates across Europe are also going high; and, the Indian government is also looking to plug the tax loopholes while simultaneously trying to change the tax laws retrospectively.

Those of you who understand the true nature of the state - as the gang of criminals - know, that these taxes are just nice names of a simple phenomena of day light robbery of citizens' wealth by the state officials. As Frank Chodorov said, Taxation is Robbery. Now, why I am writing this small piece today is to discuss the dire consequences of these higher taxes worldwide. I just finished reading J B. Say's A Treatise on Political Economy last night where in  book III, Ch. VIII he discusses taxation and its effects. While reading that chapter, I could see, that whatever Say said there is absolutely relevant with today's events of worldwide tax hikes. I thought everyone should read this chapter to understand what is going to happen next when governments all over the world are raising taxes. Instead of solving any problems, these tax hikes are going to result into economic disasters in future. Once you will read Say in full, this fact will become clear to you also. Economic laws are immutable and once they are violated, their dire consequences are sure to follow. Below I reproduce some important excerpts from Say's chapter on taxation. I think it is self explanatory so I will keep my commentary to minimum.

First, Say defines what taxation is,
Taxation is the transfer of a portion of the national products from the hands of individuals to those of the government, for the purpose of meeting the public consumption or expenditure. Whatever be the denomination it bears, whether tax, contribution, duty, excise, custom, aid, subsidy, grant, or free gift, it is virtually a burthen imposed upon individuals, either in a separate or corporate character, by the ruling power for the time being, for the purpose of supplying the consumption it may think proper to make at their expense; in short, an impost, in the literal sense. (emphasize added).
And then he dispels the myth, that taxation can somehow increase national wealth,
It is a glaring absurdity to pretend, that taxation contributes to national wealth, by engrossing part of the national produce, and enriches the nation by consuming part of its wealth.
 After dispelling this myth, he goes on to discuss the major characteristics of least bad taxes. But before that, here is Say on the best system of finance,
The best scheme of finance is, to spend as little as possible; and the best tax is always the lightest. 
You can easily see, that most of the governments today are doing exactly the opposite! Their spending is going through the roof, and taxes are going sky high too!

He then discusses the characteristics, and the first one is of our interest because it is directly relevant with our discussion of worldwide tax hikes today. Here is that characteristic followed by Say's further elaborations.
1. Of such as are most moderate in their ratio. 
He then discusses what happens when taxes are not moderate,
Taxation, pushed to the extreme, has the lamentable effect of impoverishing the individual, without enriching the state. We may readily conceive how this can happen, if we recall to our attention the former position; viz. that each tax-payer's consumption, whether productive or not, is always limited to the amount of his revenue. No part of his revenue, therefore, can be taken from him without necessarily curtailing his consumption in the same ratio. This must needs reduce the demand for all those objects he can no longer consume, and particularly those affected by taxation. The diminution of demand must be followed by diminution of the supply of production; and, consequently, of the articles liable to taxation. Thus, the tax-payer is abridged of his enjoyments, the producer of his profits, and the public exchequer of its receipts.
This is the reason why a tax is not productive to the public exchequer, in proportion to its ratio; and why it has become a sort of apophthegm, that two and two do not make four in the arithmetic of finance. Excessive taxation is a kind of suicide, whether laid upon objects of necessity, or upon those of luxury; but there is this distinction, that, in the latter case, it extinguishes only a portion of the products on which it falls, together with the gratification they are calculated to afford; while, in the former, it extinguishes both production and consumption, and the tax-payer into the bargain. (emphasize added).
As Say said, excessive taxation is a suicide for the society, and the coming tax hikes will not be any different. And there are possibilities, that these higher taxes will plunge our societies again back in the age of barbarism, as Say said,
But, should the abuses and complexity of the political system lead to the prevalence, extension, increase, and consolidation of oppressive and disproportionate taxation, it is much to be feared, that it may plunge again into barbarism those nations, whose productive powers are now the most astonishing; and the condition of the labouring classes, who are always the bulk of the community, may in such nations present a picture of drudgery so incessant and toilsome, as to make them cast a wistful eye upon the liberty of savage existence; which, though it offer no prospect of domestic comfort, at least promises emancipation from perpetual exertion to supply the prodigality of a public expenditure, yielding to them no satisfaction, and, perhaps even operating to their prejudice.
J B. Say was a classical liberal thinker, so he favored lower taxes, but today we know, that taxation itself - even low rates - is a drag on societal progress. As I said above, taxation is a robbery, and we must stop it. Lower tax rates should be seen as just one small step in the direction of no taxation at all. Abolishing all kinds of taxation is our final goal. Only after stopping this robbery can we see our societies and its inhabitants flourish again. Meanwhile, when the tax rates are sure to go higher in future worldwide, we must protect ourselves from the coming economic disaster. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

RBI's War on Gold

Since last year or so the Reserve Bank of India, in the militaristic language of the US government, has declared a war on Gold. For example, take a look at the list of announcements by various RBI officials re their strategy of halting the vast imports of Gold in India.
  1. On 19th November, RBI banned the Indian commercial banks for loaning money to people for buying Gold. The RBI notification said, " is advised that no advances should be granted by banks for purchase of gold in any form, including primary gold, gold bullion, gold jewellery, gold coins, units of gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) and units of gold mutual funds."  And this, according to RBI officials, is to dissuade people from indulging in speculative activity.
  2. On November 25th RBI deputy governor Subir Gokran said,"there is a need to "dematerialize" gold like any other financial product to reduce its physical imports." He further gave the reason for his whim of dematerializing Gold,  "It (high gold imports) is creating some macroeconomic stresses and so the challenge is to find ways to replicate the financial characteristics of gold without necessarily causing physically importing." And what are these macroeconomic stresses? According to government and RBI officials, "The current account deficit or CAD has been rising on the back of record trade deficits, which in October jumped to a 12-year high of $ 21 billion on the back of rising oil and gold imports."
  3. On November 21st, newspapers reported, that the Indian government is planning to issue Gold bonds. The news story reported, " You may soon have options to invest in new financial instruments that are linked to gold, such as a possible gold bond.   With savings rates dropping from 35% about five years ago, the government, trying to boost savings and discourage hoarding of gold in physical form as a speculative activity, is planning to soon come out with attractive paper products including gold bonds, riding on India’s craze for gold."
  4. And finally, on 2nd December two former RBI governors, C. Rangrajan and Y V. Reddy, warned the government, "against taking tough measures to rein in gold imports — a major reason for the persistently high current account deficit (CAD)." Rangrajan warned, that such tough measures will only encourage smuggling of Gold, which has already started to pick-up pace, and Reddy said, “If Mercedes Benz and aftershave lotion can be imported, why not gold? It is both an investment and consumption good. Many people seem to mistake that it is only hedge against inflation. There is a demand for it. It is being imported. If you can, try to stop it.”
As seen above, the major reason cited by RBI and government officials for these increased concerned over rising Gold import is, that it is increasing the current account deficit and putting government under pressure! Or Gold is being used for speculation. And for this phony reason, they not only are trying to reduce the import of physical Gold directly, but are also wanting to divert people from buying physical Gold to buying "paper gold" [sic] in the form of gold bonds e.g., Subir Gokran wants to dematerialize Gold i.e., replace physical Gold with paper Gold.

Now, in past also I have said, that the root cause of rising current account deficit is not peoples' purchases of physical Gold and rising import, but RBI's inflationary policy itself which is fueling these purchases and thus imports. RBI officials are fooling public by blaming them for their own shenanigans. The fundamental question we have to ask here is, why people are buying gold rapidly? There are many reasons for that, and one of the reasons is, the inflationary policy of RBI. When rupee is losing its purchasing power rapidly, people are replacing useless RBI notes, which are depreciating in value everyday, with an age old store of value, Gold. Gold is being used as money by humans since last 5000 years, and Gold again is reasserting its role as a monetary metal. Gold purchases are also part of Indian culture and that is also because Gold is seen as an ultimate insurance for future uncertainties by people. In present time  government and RBI officials are creating lots of future uncertainties against which people are trying to protect themselves by buying Gold (and Silver). Either RBI officials don't know that Gold primarily is not an investment product - it is money - or they are knaves (I strongly think the latter). And speculators are government's favorite scapegoats since centuries. Speculators are not at all bad (see this).

Not only RBI officials are fooling people, they are scamming them into buying useless "paper gold". Paper gold in the form of "gold bonds" or "gold ETFs" is not physical Gold at all, and it won't give people the kind of safety which physical Gold can provide in the time of crisis. The major reason why one should be buying Gold in this crisis time is for personal financial safety, and investing in paper gold defeats this very purpose. By luring or forcing people into buying these paper gold products, RBI officials are committing a big crime. They are very disingenuous.

In this tough economic times, it is advisable for people, that they do not get fooled by this propaganda of RBI and government thugs. They should continue to regularly accumulate physical Gold (and Silver) and stay away from any paper product. When finally the present phony fiat currency world monetary system will crash, Gold (and Silver) will only be the last safety resort.

And above all, more than any investment or financial asset, as Warren Buffet's father Howard Buffet said, human freedom rests on Gold redeemable money! Gold preserves human Liberty and it is one of the ultimate weapons in our fight against the criminal gang of the State. So, continue to purchase physical Gold and safeguard your Liberty.