Monday, December 10, 2012

Guns: Girl's Defense Against Violent Sexual Attacks

Sexual attacks and rapes on girls are pretty common in India. Recently many such cases were reported in North India, especially in Haryana and Punjab e.g., see here, here, and here. In all these cases, the state officials i.e., the police officers, did nothing to stop the incidents or even react to the complaints made by the victims when they were harassed before the rape or sexual attack incident actually took place. In many cases, police officers even refused to file the FIR (first information report) to lower the on-paper number of rapes! In Punjab, one of the policeman's daughter was sexually attacked, and that policeman was killed by attacker political activist when he went to complain about his daughter's harassment (see this, and this). Moreover, instead of the criminals getting punished, the victim's family is living in fear of retaliation from the rapist family gang members (see here)!   

Since ages these violent aggressive attacks are taking place on girl's bodies, which is their private property, and state officials are doing nothing. They are doing nothing because they are not designed for populace's protection [sic], as is commonly thought, but they exist for the protection of state officials themselves e.g., just take a look at the horde of black cat commandos protecting lives of scumbag parasite politicians or the manner in which the judiciary system works hard to protect these politicians and their cronies in such cases.

All these events should be enough to wake-up the sleeping populace, especially girls who are frequent victims of these violent aggressions. Girls must realize, that the system is not going to protect them. They should understand, that they must take the matter of their life's security in their own hands. Unless they start protecting themselves, their life will never be safe. Girls must protect their private property i.e, their bodies. Relying on state officials for the safety of our private property is foolish because state is the biggest violator of private property rights in the history of mankind. State's existence is based on violation of private property rights i.e., tax theft! State safeguarding our private property is a contradiction in terms.

You Decide
To protect their lives against these physical aggressions, I suggest, that girls should, at least, start owning guns. Guns will be one of the biggest defense means in the hands of girls. Empirical studies conducted by Professor John Lott proves, that in a country were citizens own more guns, there are less crimes (See his well researched book, More Guns, Less Crimes). Because owning guns for the citizens is illegal - another trick of state officials to make us defenseless against their exploitation - girls should start applying en masse for gun license citing risks to their lives in this lawless country as the primary reason. This movement of applying for gun licenses en masse will also wake-up the sleeping populace, and people will start discussing the very important issue of citizens carrying guns for defense of their private property against the violent aggressions from the parasitic class of Indian society.

Owning a gun will surely not solve all of the problems which girls are facing, but, at least, they will have some solid means available in their hands for protecting their lives instead of relying on the stupid state system. Own guns, train yourself and know how to use it for your defense, and then face those evil criminals with courage.

Finally, I know there are many other issues under consideration here, but then, I am writing this piece just to make people aware about this possible alternative system of security. We need to break free of the status quo thinking, and actively start searching for other alternatives which are much better than this status quo e,g., private defense and judiciary system (for a starter see this, this and this). As long as people will not look for and understand better alternative ideas, things will never improve. Unless we take our security in our hands, the state will continue to exploit us, and our daughters, mothers, sisters etc., will continue to get raped and attacked. 

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