Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Meaning of AAP's Win in Delhi

So after a heated pre-election day campaigning and lot of mud slinging by - mainly BJP and its PM Narendra Modi - the political parties, Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) won a landslide victory capturing 67 out of total 70 seats. BJP got only 3 seats while Congress got nothing. Many newspapers are calling this as a AAP tsunami sweeping away the "Modi wave"! This landslide victory means many things. Below are my reflections on these new developments in the Indian politics.

First, this landslide victory of AAP is a sure indication that Narendra Modi and his BJP's nonsense propaganda of Hindu nationalism, Ghar Wapsi, Hindu women having 4 children, attacks on Christian churches in New Delhi, opposition to festivals like Valentines Day etc., and other such nefarious tactics of dividing people on communal lines - like what Modi was doing in Gujarat since last 15 years - will not work in this country where people are hungry, not having clothes on their body and roof over their heads. Hungry people don't need religion; they need 'roti'. They voted for Modi because they (falsely) believed that he will provide 'roti, kapda and makan' to them, but after coming to power he has done nothing but talk; he wore 10 lakh rupees suit made in London while talking about "Make in India". His hypocrisies are now exposed. 

Second, those who were thinking that Gujarat is developed because of Modi are ignorant of Gujarat's entrepreneurial culture. Giving credit to one guy Modi for Gujarat's prosperity was one of the biggest insults to the Gujarati people that I have ever seen. After coming to power Modi has done nothing about the economy because he can't do anything. Running the economy is not a one man's job.

And finally, in this euphoric time, we all must remember, that AAP and Kejriwal are also not true alternatives. In few years time he will also get exposed because he won't be able to deliver on his election promises of giving freebies to everyone. Development and growth is only possible when people have Freedom; when there is a Free market capitalist system. Socialism, whether practiced by Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi or Arvind Kejriwal, will never work. In the end people will have to realize that all these political parties are no real alternatives because they are all one and the same thing i.e., part of the criminal gang. The only True alternative is Liberty and its Free market capitalist system.

In the end I am happy to see the Modi cult exposed. I am happy that, in the present situation, there is at least some strong opposition rising against Modi's fanatic Hindu nationalists. Modi and his fascist forces must be stopped in their tracks when they are raising their heads, and rise of AAP is kind of a sign of that stopping break.

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