Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hypocrisies of Gujarat Chief Minister: Garib Kalyan Mela OR Garib Ko Aur Garib Banao Mela?

On one side Gujarat chief minister is handing out free cash doles to poor people (see here) and on other side he is blaming central government for the rising prices. This shows the ignorance and hypocrisy of the chief minister. If he knew what actually inflation is, then he would have never blamed the central government. Inflation is, increase in the quantity of money and credit without any backing of production. Stated otherwise, handing out free cash doles to poor people, under his “Garib Kalyan Mela” is itself inflation! Chief Minister is creating inflation on one hand and is blaming central government for inflation on other hand! Now surely central government is also responsible for inflation but this does not deny the fact that even state governments are responsible for inflation. Actually, government taken as a whole is the chief source of inflation. Shifting the blame of inflation on central government by the chief minister is hypocrisy.

Poor people (and the masses) do not understand the situation. They feel as if their chief minister is a benevolent person. But is he really? His actions show that he is NOT. Because handing out of free money to poor will only result in increasing prices or alternatively speaking will erode the purchasing power of that free money. When those poor people will go to spend that money in the market they will find that their free money buys them less goods and services than before! Their condition is now worst and not better. They are made more poor by their chief minister! What looks like a help to the poor person actually is a harm done to their standard of living.

Citizens of this country need to realize that no governments have ever helped anyone, except their buddies. Citizens and those poor people need to understand that by giving free cash dolls chief ministers (or for that matter anyone) cannot make a poor person rich. If that was the case then we would have eradicated poverty years ago simply by printing more money.

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