Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Surrogacy: Exploitation of Poor?

The recent episode of NDTV's We the People (the word WE, with its collective connotations, is itself a misconceived and misguiding notion. Read the novel WE to understand what I am saying) discussed the surrogacy matter. Following are my comments on this program.

One thing is crystal clear from all such programs is, that a poor person and his poverty is a medium of employment for millions of people around the world. No one is really interested in solving any problems of the poor, but everyone is ready to take advantage of their poverty by conducting bogus researches (in State funded brick and mortar universities and research institutes) and airing such useless harmful programs.

The hipocrisy of such programs is that they themselves are exploiting the poor! On one side NDTV's tv rating is reaching to the roof and on other side their stupid arguments of regulating the surrogacy trade with some dumb state legislation will inspire the government to enact nonsensical anti-surrogacy law. This law will harm the poor and hence their exploitation by NDTV.

All those eggheads, who participated in that program, do not understand a thing about how the voluntary exchange works i.e., how the market process works. Those rich participants of the program were just imposing their subjective value judgments on poor people and thus doing them immense harm in the name of protecting poor's interest. By harming the poor people they were doing a profoundly unethical work under the motive of promoting ethical practices in the surrogacy business! Such hypocrite people do not have any idea of the concept of ethics and justice, but still they will open their big pompous mouths to harm the poor. I just don't understand that who in the world will know more about their self interest other than the poor people themselves! What right do those bunch of so-called elite minds have to take decisions on behalf of poor people? It was absolutely disgusting to watch such stupid tv programs where few eggheads will get together to decide the fate of billions of poor people of this country. Such programs are a real shame. What these guys are doing is demeaning and insulting the poor people. They are dehumanizing the poor.

Before uttering a word against the surrogacy trade one has to understand why in the first place such voluntary exchange processes take place. This voluntary exchange takes place simply because it benefits both the parties of this trade. If that is not the case then the exchange simply will not take place in the first place. Socialists/communists have twisted the whole meaning of word exploitation. If a poor person voluntarily agrees for surrogacy then it is not exploitation of their poverty. In fact those who are contracting with them are helping the poor financially, and financial incentive in the first place is the main factor for such contracts between a rich customer and a poor seller of such service.

Third person like any professor/researcher/government has nothing to do with this voluntary exchange of market process. To satisfy their own whims they are simply enforcing their subjective value judgments on the trading parties, which will harm both the customer of surrogacy and the poor rentier of the womb. The only winner is some professor or the government.

And suppose if a poor person is misinformed or cheated in the contracting process then again it is a clear cut legal case, which should be fought by both the parties in a private court.

If anyone is serious about improving the condition of poor people then they must immediately stop interfering in their lives and their voluntary actions. Those commie and lefty professors and tv channels should mind their own business. NDTV should stop such dubious programs and instead should use their journalistic energies in exposing the insidious government like Julian Assange and his Wikileaks is doing to help the poor people.

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