Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shorabuddin encounter: Just another lollipop in the hands of sheeples

The recent so-called fake encounter case (as if real encounters are in anyway justifiable!) of Mr. Shorabuddin and the follow up events of CBI arrest of various politicians has stirred the environment in Gujarat and India. Every news channel and newspaper is running this story. On every nooks and corners of the streets, at every restaurants, almost at any place people are busy discussing this case. In my view the issue is getting an attention which it does not deserve because of the reasons I am going to elaborate in the following paragraphs.

The problem with the whole issue is not that the encounter was just or not, but the issue is, such government (which political party that question is irrelevant because the matter always is between the citizens and their governments) killings of their citizens take place everyday all around the world. As I have reported elsewhere, Hawaii University professor R J. Rummel's data records shows that governments around the world have killed total 26.20 crore of their own citizens, so far! (see here - The ways in which governments kill people are sometimes not directly apparent and requires astute economic reasoning which is hard to come by in the sheeples and so such everyday killings escape peoples' attention. For example, government created economic problems like inflation, unemployment, recession/depression, poverty, and the crimes of government like wars, riots, homicides etc., kill scores of people around the world everyday. Such killings go on everyday without any uproars by the media establishment or any serious discussion by the citizens on the street. A keen eye who sees such events everyday and a critical mind who analyzes these killings will be hardly surprised to see Mr. Shorabuddin being killed by the government. As I said such events take place daily.

The fundamental form of relationship between the governments and their citizens is of a slave-owner relationship. As brilliantly analyzed by Franz Oppenheimer a century ago and even more brilliantly and eloquently put forward by Murray Rothbard, The Government is nothing but a Gang of Robbers, Looters, and Murderers writ large! The fundamental job of every government is to loot, pillage and kill those who oppose their power regime, and that is exactly what Gujarat government did by killing Mr. Shorabbudin. Democracy etc., fancy words are artificial veils behind which power continues to exert and assert itself daily in the form of such killings.

What people don't understand is this fundamental slave-owner relationship between themselves and their government masters. To win votes they have invented one more gimmick of this fake encounter case and now for few months the citizens will play with this toy, will get sucked in to the political propaganda of one or the other party and as the next election will come they will go and once again elect their own murderers and pillagers! Nothing can be more sad than this. People will continue to stab in their own backs because that is what is their fate being slaves of government.

It is much better if people can see the larger picture of this slave-owner relationship instead of toying around with the issue of this fake encounter. They need to stop voting, stop paying taxes and stop supporting the governments with whatever means possible, if at all they want to live a peaceful secure prosperous life. Unless and until that happens such cases will continue to take place and governments will continue to kill its people everyday unabated.

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