Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kashmir Solution

Kashmir is burning again! Civil uprising is on going since past couple of months, and tension is running extremely high. More than 100 Kashmiri have already lost their lives totaling more than 80,000 deaths since the beginning of Kashmir dispute some 62 years ago. The beautiful Kashmir valley is in dispute since the time of Indian independence. Everything apparently seems convoluted, but it's not. The solution of Kashmir problem is straight forward, but because the solution is politically incorrect no body will implement it. Moreover, politician gangs, who are uncontested rulers of the valley, will surely won't wish their empire to end very abruptly, which it will if they adopt the solution I am going to outline in the following paragraphs.

Kashmir is yet another legacy of British Raj in India. The smart-ass Brits gave Israel - Palestine conflict to the middle east when they left from there, and gave Kashmir to India and Pakistan who separated at the time of their independence from the Britishers more than 60 years ago. During the partition many princely Indian states decided to remain with India and others parted with Pakistan. The king of Kashmir was Hindu with a predominantly Muslim populace. The king wanted to join India, but his population wanted to go with Pakistan. Not seeing the real solution in his sight then prime minister of India, emotional Nehru took this matter in United Nations, which ordered a plebiscite. India determined not to let go the so-called crown of his head - Kashmir, decided to ignore the plebiscite and installed the Army and a special constitutional rule. This friction resulted into this long endless bloody conflict, which still awaits its final solution.

The solution
Kashmir dispute is a straight forward case of violation of the property rights of the Kashmiri people by the Indian government. The land of Kashmir is a private property of the people of Kashmir who have homesteaded it since centuries. Kashmiri or Indian government has no legal rights to violate these private property rights of Kashmiri people.

I feel it absolutely insane when many Indians living outside Kashmir heedlessly keep on saying that Kashmir is an integral part of India. They need to understand, that it is none of their business to interfere in the private matters of the Kashmiri people. I just ask: how they will feel if the Kashmiri people say, that the land of Gujarat or Maharashtra don't belong to Gujarati or Maharashtrian people, but to the Kashmiri government!!!

So, the simple solution of Kashmir problem is to give back the original private property titles to the Kashmiri people, and let them decide their own future. If they want to go with Pakistan after given their rightful ownership then that's fine, and if they want to remain independent then that is also absolutely fine. Once they will be the owner of their land, they will protect it at any cost against any invaders, if that is going to be their fate.

In any case stealing the land of Kashmir from their legal owners (Kashmiris) is wrong, and Indian government must immediately correct this mistake by giving back the property titles to Kashmiris while simultaneously removing the Indian army from their land. Without this the blood spill in Kashmir will never stop.

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