Saturday, September 24, 2011

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh's UN Speech - An Analysis

Yesterday Indian prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh delivered a speech in New World Order's headquarter i.e., UN (United Nations) in Washington D.C. I just casually read couple of paragraph and found many things which are worthy of critical comments. Below I am critically analyzing PM's speech. PM's speech excerpts will be quoted and will be followed by my comments.

1. Till a few years ago the world had taken for granted the benefits of globalization and global interdependence. Today we are being called upon to cope with the negative dimensions of those very phenomena. Economic, social and political events in different parts of the world have coalesced together and their adverse impact is now being felt across countries and continents.

Comment: This means that neither the prime minister nor his team of economic advisers had any idea about the economic bubble which was developing in the western world. With the whole world (except few Austrian economists) he too took the artificially created fiat paper currency economic growth for granted! I wish he knew about the 'Austrian Business Cycle Theory'! I wish he also knew how the western world empires, especially American empire uses words like globalization to further their imperialism!

2. The world economy is in trouble. The shoots of recovery which were visible after the economic and financial crisis of 2008 have yet to blossom. In many respects the crisis has deepened even further.

Comment: There were no green shoots after the financial crisis of 2007. World economy never recovered. World governments (including India) and their central bankers just printed and spent a whole lot of money to stop the inevitable recession. Because of that gigantic spending spree of governments (stimulus packages and thug banker's bailouts etc.) the economy was showing phony signs of recovery. At that time I said that this money printing is actually going to make matters worse and it will turn the recession into a greater depression of this century. And now we can see that happening. Situation in September 2011 is much more worse than situation in 2008. By printing truck load of money these people just kicked the cane of depression down the road for couple of more years! Delaying the recession is going to make it more prolonged and painful.  

3. The traditional engines of the global economy such as the United States, Europe and Japan, which are also the sources of global economic and financial stability, are faced with continued economic slowdown. Recessionary trends in these countries are affecting confidence in world financial and capital markets.

Comment:  First of all, global economy is not a 'car' and US, Europe and Japan were never a source (engine) of global economic and financial stability. Japan is in recession since last 20 plus years, United States government is the root cause of all these troubles which the world is facing today and the creation of EU and Euro sowed the seeds of sovereign debt mess we see there today. 

4. These developments are bound to have a negative impact on developing countries which also have to bear the additional burden of inflationary pressures.

Comment:  Developing countries are equally responsible for creating inflation in their local economies through reckless easy money policies. PM should refrain from blaming western world for his own mistakes. India can very well avoid inflation if they follow sound monetary policies.

5. Declining global demand and availability of capital, increasing barriers to free trade and mounting debt pose a threat to the international monetary and financial system. Questions are being asked about the efficacy of the Bretton Woods institutions.

Comment: I just wish Mr. PM read Henry Hazlitt's, From Bretton Woods to World Inflation.

6. The Palestinian question still remains unresolved and a source of great instability and violence. India is steadfast in its support for the Palestinian people's struggle for a sovereign, independent, viable and united state of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital, living within secure and recognizable borders side by side and at peace with Israel. We look forward to welcoming Palestine as an equal member of the United Nations.

Comment: My only suggestion to Mr. PM is to follow a 'Neutral' foreign policy. Meddling in foreign affairs will always ruin your country.

7. Terrorism continues to rear its ugly head and take a grievous toll of innocent lives.
Comment: He should ask himself a question that, what is the root cause of terrorism? If he will ask then he will find the answer in foreign occupation! Indian army is occupying Kashmiri peoples' land and this terrorism is just a blowback of that occupation.
8. Iniquitous growth, inadequate job and education opportunities and denial of basic human freedoms are leading to growing radicalization of the youth, intolerance and extremism 

Comment: His own government (and all governments basically) is also following these same policies. India is a socialist country where words like 'freedom' are alien. If he is so worried about basic freedom of people then why not stop meddling in Indian peoples' lives.  He should begin by abolishing income tax. Income tax is the fundamental attack on individual's private property and thus his freedom. Can he do it?

9. We have no choice but to meet these challenges. We will succeed if we adopt a cooperative rather than a confrontationist approach. We will succeed if we embrace once again the principles on which the United Nations was founded --internationalism and multilateralism.

Comment: UN was founded only to create Anglosphere power elite's One World Empire. Mr. PM should better know about this.

10. More importantly, we will succeed if our efforts have legitimacy and are pursued not just within the framework of law but also the spirit of the law. 

The observance of the rule of law is as important in international affairs as it is within countries. Societies cannot be reordered from outside through military force. People in all countries have the right to choose their own destiny and decide their own future. 

Comment: Mr. PM should know that only the Libertarian law will enable the world to be a peaceful, just, prosperous and civilized place.If he is really serious about law then he and his government should start implementing this law in his country. Mr. PM and his government should let Indian people choose their own destiny and decide their own future! He should put his money where his mouth is.

11. There are many other things that we can do. We must address the issue of the deficit in global governance. We need a stronger and more effective United Nations. We need a United Nations that is sensitive to the aspirations of everyone - rich or poor, big or small. For this the United Nations and its principal organs, the General Assembly and the Security Council, must be revitalized and reformed.

Comment: Well, he should better address the issue of deficits (here, here) of his own government.

12. The recent assassination of Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani in Kabul is a chilling reminder of the designs of the enemies of peace in Afghanistan. It is essential that the process of nation building and reconciliation in that country succeeds. This is vital for ensuring peace and security in the region.

Comment: Nation building succeed? In his speech he said we should not force countries from outside and now he is supporting nation building in Afghanistan! That's Orwellian doublethink.

Rest of his speech is full of contradictions just like the ones which I cited above. And in any case such talks hardly matters. What is important is these governments' actions against their people. And their actions of not allowing us to live freely speaks a lot about their intentions of never leaving their political powers voluntarily.

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