Sunday, October 7, 2012

On the Road and Airport of Serfdom...

In last couple of weeks I came across few thing which again revealed the fact - with myriad of other things - that the political class is voting public's real master and the voting public, who erroneously think that they are the ones who are part of the government, is these political master class's slave population. The hype created around the word "democracy" is so powerful that people easily forget that there is no such thing as, government of the people, by the people and for the people! Government surely is not 'of' the people because, as I have mentioned in the past, the ruling elites come from handful of few families who are ruling this country since long, and the common man has no realistic chance whatsoever of becoming a prime minister or a president etc. The government also is not 'by' the people because voting is forced upon the populace by the political class e.g., Gujarat government explicitly made voting in local body elections compulsory, and above all, there is no choice of having no government! By hook or crook, they will form the government. As professor Hans Hoppe said, democracy is the god that has failed. The system actually was designed to continue the oppression of mass people by the handful of parasite minority. As brilliantly analyzed by the French philosopher and political scientist Bertrand de Jouvenel, under the guise of various nomenclatures like monarchy, democracy etc., political power has continued its unabated progression of exploitation of the common man. And one of the forms of this exploitation - major forms are taxation, inflation, political corruption scams etc. - was on display on the two hoardings, which I saw in past few weeks at various places while traveling. As you will see below, the political parasite class has not left unused any avenue of exploiting their slave public.

The first hoarding I came across while traveling on national highway no. 8 in Gujarat when I was returning from my lecture series in Ankleshwar. While approaching Surat, on this newly constructed highway, there is one highway toll booth where I saw the below posted hoarding. As you can see, the whole political parasite class, beginning from the president, is exempted from paying the toll of this highway! This is obvious because they are our masters - the list proudly declares these thugs as "dignitaries" - and they surely won't pay a dime for anything. Poor tax payers were first looted of their hard earned wealth to build this public highway by the politicians - who knows how much money they have siphoned off for themselves via highway corruption scams - and then these same tax payers will again have to pay toll to drive their vehicles, and that too compulsorily because they don't have any other choice of a better and cheap private highway. If anyone should be exempted from paying this toll, then, it is these tax payers, but slaves can't complain and they have to do exactly as their masters are ordering them to do. The political parasitic unproductive thug class can drive tax payer funded luxury cars on this, again tax payer funded, roads without paying a dime while tax payers will be screwed at every step of their life. Folks, this is the reality of your beloved "demoCRAZY"!!!    

Toll Booth Exempted Dignitaries [sic] List on National Highway 8

Second hoarding was posted by one of my students in my Facebook group. The reality of master class State is again on display here. This hoarding comes from one of the Airports of India. It is a list of so-called VVIPS/VIPS [sic] who are exempted from security checks, and they are all State officials. Murray Rothbard famously said that, the State is the gang of criminals, writ large, and it is the height of irony that these same criminal people are exempted from the security check!!! Randolph Burne said, that the war is the health of the State. These politicians are busy making wars on foreign land e.g., interventions in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Assam etc., they are busy creating riots inside the country e.g., Babri demolition, Raj Thakeray's violence in Mumbai against the outsiders etc., and they are exempted from the security checks! These political parasitic class is the biggest security risk for the whole human race, and they don't have to go through security checks! They have robbed, looted, maimed, and killed millions of people via their policies and they don't have to go through security checks! This again shows these political class's sheer arrogance, and also sheer ignorance and apathy of the slave public. 

VVIP [sic] Exemption List on India Airports
After looking at just these two evidences, if any non-political class public think that they are part of the government or the government is 'for' them, then, they surely are dreaming. If people think that "democracy" means they are the rulers of this country, then, they are just a bunch of whistling dixie. The real rulers are these politicians, bureaucrats and other government officials. And because they are rulers, they are above the law. In India there are two layers of law: one is for the common man where things like printing money is a legal offense of counterfeiting, and taking someone's money forcefully is stealing etc., and the second layer of law is for the privileged political class where money printing is monetary policy [sic], and stealing someone's wealth is taxation [sic]! There is no government of the people, by the people and for the people. There never was. This clever phrase was invented by one of the most criminal politician of all, Abraham Lincoln, to fool the public. The whole Indian society is divided between two classes: tax payers and tax consumers. This is the only reality. People have to understand and accept this reality sooner or later. They have to understand that they are the slaves of their master government. It will be better for people to accept this reality and start doing something to remove these chains of serfdom off their feet.

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