Monday, March 4, 2013

Indian Budget 2013-14 and Economic Survey Analysis

Last week finance minister P. Chidambaram presented his government's annual budget and economic survey in parliament (full text of both is available here). As I explained in my previous post, the government has now embarked itself on a big looting spree of the tax payers. The idea of a balanced budget is an anathema for all governments, and the Indian government is no exception. P. Chidambaram made it crystal clear, that he is going to raise revenue via higher taxation. Cutting government expenses is totally out of question. Immediately the stock market tanked by 290 points, and people felt disappointed. In my below video I analyze the major issues related with this budget and economic survey. All in all, we all - i.e., the tax payers - should get ready to get robbed heavily by the government.

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