Saturday, March 8, 2014

The State is a Mother of All Forces

Anyone who understands the true criminal gang nature of the state (aka government) knows that it is a mother of all forces. The fundamental basis of every government, whether that be fascist, socialist or a liberal democratic, is force. Without coercion no state can ever survive. Taxation is the quintessential of this force. Without coercive taxation no government can come into existence. I have made this point time and again in front of people, but still many refuse to believe this eternal truth. Many people bring out age old boring and long refuted argument of government - especially a democratically elected one - as a voluntary institution just like any club. They say that people voluntarily go and elect their representatives in elections! Nothing can be farther from the truth. I have explained in my past write-ups that these democratic elections actually present no true choice in front of people. They are an illusion of choice e.g., hapless voting public can never elect a no government for themselves for five years or more. When you have to choose a lesser evil, it is still choosing an evil!

But I digress. In today's article I want to focus on the coercive nature of the whole election process itself from the side of those who are involved in conducting these elections. Indian election commission has announced the dates of the general 16th Lok Sabha elections 2014. In this election more than 81 crore citizen slave voters are going to forcefully elect who is going to loot them for next five years. This time around they are given a false choice of NOTA (None of The Above). NOTA is a tool of fooling public yet again. If someone is thinking that by giving a NOTA vote they are fundamentally going to change the outcome of the election process, then, they sure are day-dreaming. Here is what Wikipedia entry of NOTA says about the possible outcomes if  majority votes for NOTA:
When None of the Above is listed on a ballot, there is the possibility of NOTA receiving a majority or plurality of the vote, and so "winning" the election. In such a case, a variety of formal procedures may be invoked, including having the office remain vacant, having the office filled by appointment, re-opening nominations or holding another election (in a body operating under parliamentary procedure), or it may have no effect whatsoever, as in the state of Nevada, where the next highest total wins regardless. (See here).
Not only that, in India NOTA has no importance whatsoever as the same Wiki entry again discusses:
Although frequently termed a "right to reject" in India, a former head of the Election Commission has noted that it is not in fact such a thing. The Election Commission also clarified that the NOTA votes are considered as invalid votes and will not be considered for determining the forfeiture of security deposit. (Footnotes removed).
So, NOTA votes are basically considered invalid votes! Good luck people if you decide to waste your time on election day for voting for NOTA.

Now, I said I want to focus on the coercive nature of this election itself from the side of those who are conducting it. I will give you my own example because in this general election my home town authorities have picked my name also for the election duty work. Few weeks back I received an order from the local body election authorities notifying me about this misfortune of mine! What I want to do here is let my readers see the scanned copy of a selected paragraph of this order where the State election officials are clearly threatening and forcing me to do this work compulsorily. You will see in this order that I don't have any other choice but to carry out this work under all kinds of duress. There is no choice open in front of me over here. If I refuse to do this work, they will take punitive actions against me. They will take me to the court and police will come and harass me. And I won't take names of my friends here, but they have faced these headaches in past for refusing to do this work. Below I present the scanned copy of relevant part of my election duty order:
My Election Duty Order
It is in Gujarati and it basically says, that I have to remain present for the election duty training program otherwise they will take legal actions against me as per the Representation of the People Act 1950! This is a typical Statist language of aggressive force and intimidation!  

I know Statist people will always say, that there is nothing wrong in this use of force for the sake of keepping democracy alive in India! They will always think it is alright to push people around to further their own end of ruling over them. But, any sane person with a thinking head will realize that there is no choice involved over here. When people who are conducting election are being forced to do this work, how can one think that this election represents any choice for the voters also? There is NO CHOICE. In the name of dreaded democracy these thug state officials are exploiting people, period.  

As I said in the beginning, the state is a gang of criminals and it represents no choice in front of us. It is a mother of all forces. Everything it does is always compulsory for the hapless slave citizens. You can't say No to the State. It is better that people realize this fact quickly. As long as we don't realize this fact, the State will continue to plunder us.


  1. how true!! very likely that this (understanding that state is mafia incarnate) will never happen in my lifetime. All the best for it to happen in yours!:-)

    1. Well, first of all, Mafia gang is a much better compared to the State criminal gang. And, secondly, whether changes are going to come or not, we must oppose the evil; we must fight the evil. When we see something wrong happening, we must raise our voice against it. And, if we are a good student of history, then, we know that changes in political institutions always come. State itself is a modern phenomena something like three hundred years old. Now who would have thought 100 years back that there will be Democrazy in India? Who would have thought 200 years back that we humans can effectively abolish slavery! So, changed do come my dear friend. We just have to keep on trying.


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