Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Modi's Foreign Policy Disasters

Since coming to power the present prime minister of India Narendra Modi is making one foreign policy disaster after another one. The reason why we have to keep these disasters in mind is because they exactly contradict the public image of this hindu nationalist leader as a strong man with a chest of 56 Inch. This image was very carefully crafted by Modi's marketing people during the 2014 election run-up to win votes. They portrayed then prime minister Manmohan Singh as a weak man who speaks nothing at all or barely opens his mouth. Compared to Manmohan, Modi was portrayed as an outspoken strong personality which India was in a dire need to have at the helm. As I said during the election run-up, this image was only a marketing propaganda of the Modi campaign. Modi was and is an extraordinary popular delusion and madness of crowd phenomenon. I urged people to see Modi's actions, and not his words. The following list throws a light on his foreign policy actions contrary to what he is saying from election rally platforms.
  1. Inauguration ceremoney foreign policy move of inviting Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Shariff and subsequent Saree diplomacy: What is the end result of this foreing policy move and niceties? Nothing. The relationship between India and Pakistan is only becoming worst with every passing moment.
  2. Modi's myriad foreign trips in the name of foreign policy: What is the end result of all these costly tax payer funded trips? Nothing. For example, 
    1. Modi went to neighbouring Nepal twice on foreign policy diplomatic visits and today the relationship between India and Nepal are worst than what it was before these visits (see here). Not only this, due to this foreign policy hara-kiri by the Modi government, Nepal is now ever closer to China (not that there is something wrong with Nepal close to China, but this is just to point out the contradictory results of Modi's foreign policy).
    2. Modi went to USA thrice after becoming PM, but those visits have failed in stopping America from selling war planes to Pakistan!  
  3. In another foreign policy's, according to home minister Rajnath Singh, "innovative diplomacy" move Modi had a surprised stopover in Pakistan to meet Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif! This is the same Narendra Modi whose party's chairman Amit Shah last year, during Bihar election run-up, was saying that if BJP will lose in Bihar, fire crackers will go-off in Pakistan! These actions of Modi just shows that he can do just about anything to fool the public to win votes and absolute power. And what is the end result of this stopover? Nothing. As I said above, the relationship between the Indian and Pakistani government is just becoming worst day by day e.g., the recent diplomatic talks have failed again.      
  4.  In another foreign policy disaster of taking sides with empires, and the one which is falling and not rising, Modi government for the first time allowed the US military to use its bases (Indian land, air and water) for war purposes (see here)! This really is a dangerous geopoltical move which can trouble India in future. American empire is slowly dying and China and Russia are rising. Most people believe that the 21st Century belongs to China. In such situation being an ally of the crooked American government can only prove to be costlier than beneficial. Modi doesn't understand that American government is using India only as a pawn in its fight against rising mighty China. The best foreing policy is always a neutral one taking side with no one and doing trade equally with everyone. By taking side of a wrong empire, Modi is only exhibiting his cluelessness about foreign policy matter.
  5. Inviting Pakistan investigation team to probe Pathankot terrorists attacks: What is the end result of this, according to the home minister Rajnath Singh,  "brilliant" (sic) move? Pakistani team after going back to Pakistan blamed India of fabricating the whole attack to tarnish its image in front of foreign governments!!!
  6. Pakistan humiliated Modi government when it, in turn, didn't allow the Indian investigation team to enter Pakistan to probe the Pathankot air base attack. Modi government was fooled by the Pakistani politicians again. 
  7. An alleged Indian intellgence agency RAW's agent being caught in Balochistan by Pakistan was a real embrassment for the Modi government. Everyone knows that both government's spies are active in both countries, but the way Modi government accepted that the caught agent was indeed retired Indian navy officer but he wasn't its spy only revelead the inexperience and naivity of the Modi government.
  8.  The Chinese government blocked Modi government's move of declaring JeM leader Masood Azhar a terrorist in UN. The only thing that the Indian government could do was to express their anger with it!!! This only shows who has the diplomatic clout in the international agencies. Modi is projected as very popular and strong PM of India in international community, but this foreign policy disaster just shows how hollow that claim is.
  9. As if the humiliation of China blocking Modi government's bid again Masood Azhar in UN was not enough, to retaliate against this Chinese government move, the Modi government issued a visa to Uyghur dissident Dolkun Isa, whom China has declared a terrorist, to participate in a conference which was organized in India. Many in India started celebrating this as a big victory of Modi against China; Many said this was Modi's "master stroke". But in a big foreign policy emberassment the Modi government later on had to cancel this visa of Dolkun after the Chinese government protested aganist it!!! So much for the master stroke.     
This small list, I think, is just a beginning. More foreign policy disasters will come in future for sure looking at the, so far, track record. The PM of India Narendra Modi is just exhibiting his inexperience and naivity in dealing with these delicate and dangerous foreign policy matters. Foreign policy is not like delivering a rousing election speech! It requires immense amount of statemanship and detailed research of myriad of geopolitical issues. It requires a deep understanding of history of various regions of the world. It requires astuteness, which Modi is lacking. Any mistake by him, like giving the Indian land for use of American military, will plunge India into a big chaos.    

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